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    Aero/Survival Equipment


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    • Daytime and night time available
      Daytime: Mark location with the film with strong visibility
      Night time: Mark location with the light(4 Functional modes)
    • Ground,Water,Mountains available
    • Automatic/Manual available depending on the situation
    • Water sensors deploy automatically at landing in the water
    • Light on only at night time with illumination sensors (off at daytime)
    • Signal period of Light:3 days
    • Battery life: 4 years
    • Weight:Mounted type(1.5kg), Portable type(500g)
    • Visible over 1,500ft, 2Km distance at daytime and night time
    • Light Strobe function with SOS
    • Sizes:Mounted type(Length 12m, Width 28cm)
      Portable type (Length 8m, Width 15.5cm)
    • Packing Types: Mounted type(Packing bag with automatic deployment)
      Portable type(Ring and waterproof packing bag which are easily detachable for clothes such as Survival Vest and bags )